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Where is WM treated?

Some larger hospitals have dedicated WM clinics or doctors with a specialist interest in WM. These hospitals will be more likely to offer access to clinical trials and newest treatments. They will also have advanced equipment such as scanners and specialist doctors who can treat side effects such as neuropathy.

Where should I get treatment for WM?


WMUK recommends that WM patients are treated in specialist units that see higher numbers of WM patients.

University College London Hospital (UCLH) runs the largest specialist WM clinic in the country.

You can also find a list of centres with a specialist interest in WM that are participating in The Rory Morrison WMUK Registry here.

Alternatively, local haematologists can provide high quality treatment and care in consultation with a specialist unit.

Contact us if you would like more information about where WM is treated. Although we can’t’ recommend specific doctors or centres, WMUK works with many of the doctors who have a specialist interest in WM, and a number of leading haematologists are members of the charity’s Board of Trustees. This means we can provide you with up to date information about treatments and how to find the right treatment centre for you.

WM Treatment centres
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